We Should All Buy From Lush

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Through this one blog post I want to persuade you to start buying products from Lush. And they're not even paying me to tell you that.

"Every dollar you spend is like signing a voting slip."

I'm a big believer that how we spend invests in the type of world we live in. Do we want to live in a world where businesses eat up profits but have irresponsible factories where they're wasteful and insensitive to local communities? Or do we want to support companies who are striving to do things well at every part of their production line? Cue: Lush.


Lush has a history of supporting good, sustainable principles for decades. They are aware that excessive packaging is harmful to the environment so they work hard at offering recycled and recyclable products, printed with natural inks. They promote ethical buying, local sourcing (where they can) whilst being intentional with their international sourcing to ensure fair standards. They’re against animal testing and instead test their products on humans. In fact, all of their products are vegetarian and most are vegan. They even use some of their profits to support Sea Shepherd, a group which protects ocean mammals. When Lush does sell liquid products in plastic containers, they have a system where customers return these containers to be cleaned, repurposed and resold. Now that's sustainable.

One of the best reasons to become a regular at Lush is to buy their shampoo and conditioner bars. Screw the plastic bottles which virtually all shampoo comes in, these solid bars can be put in a tin which you can reuse and reuse. Not only are these package-free bars a win for the planet, they're a win for you too. Why? Let me tell you...

• Each small bar lasts 80 washes, or the equivalent of 2/3 8oz shampoo bottles.
• Travel much? This is shampoo and conditioner that you can take in your carry-on (it's not liquid).
• Shampoo bars are lighter to travel with than bottles of shampoo, and they won't explode in your bag (which has definitely happened to me before).


Check out Lush's website here to read more about the great stuff they do and make.

Why bother?

Disposable plastic (commonly used for most of our toiletries) is the opposite of sustainable living. It's a habit we can't maintain forever without hitting detrimental effects. Because plastic is a manmade material which can't decompose, there is a build up of all the plastic created in the last half century in our landfills and in our oceans. This plastic waste (or 'pollution') breaks down and gets swallowed by birds and fish. This affects the food chain (our's too - did you know plastic fragments have been found in breast milk?) as well as family businesses around the world, like the fishing or tourist industry. Let's support companies who are conscious of how harmful waste and packaging is, like Lush.