Krochet Kids - Weekender bag

Every dollar we spend is like signing a voting slip, right? So I want to keep voting for Krochet Kids. This is the second item I've bought from them and it won't be the last.

Why the loyalty? Krochet Kids use their business to empower women in Uganda and Peru to rise out of poverty. In a time of deliberate blurriness between us (the consumers) and the people who make our products, asking 'who made my clothes?' is a great question. Every Krochet Kids product is hand-signed by the woman who made it, coming with an online link to digitally write to this worker and thank her for the item.


Why Bother?

The global market was initially proposed as a win-win where consumers in the richer world get cheaper goods whilst people in the poorer parts of the world get jobs, and that those jobs would give them an opportunity to work their way out of poverty. The truth is though that today on a mass scale this ideal isn't being reached. We have some of the highest levels of inequality and environmental destruction the world has ever seen. Profits in the garment industry now come at the cost of human rights, environment rights and worker’s rights.

There are loads of businesses out there striving to do right by both their workers and the consumers - wouldn't it be valuable to use our money to vote for companies like that?

Krochet Kids Intl. are an American company who ship worldwide. Check them out here.

Bethan Uitterdijk