Cotopaxi are an American company selling outdoor 'gear for good'. Not only are they conscious of the environment (creating products built to last - mine came with a lifetime guarantee), they use their profits to fund initiatives which are fighting poverty. Now that's worth supporting.

Through research Cotopaxi collaborate with local communities to invest in poverty alleviation, specifically in the areas of healthcare, education and employment. My backpack (all-inclusive of a laptop section, hello carry-on baggage!) came with a note from a refugee youth mentored in one of their programmes. Their products seem quite pricy, but when you factor in that you're buying quality items built for use, I think it's worth the investment.

Cotopaxi are a brand I'm proud to show off. Check out their website here.


Why bother?

The garment industry has long functioned with low accountability, dependant on consumers who don't ask questions. I've started to filter who I buy clothes from according to how transparent their website is. Companies like Cotopaxi have nothing to hide so you can find out all about their production line and business practices on their website. Other (ahem, huge) companies aren't so honest about their dealings online. I want to support those who are trading and creating products honestly, not just with verbal support but through buying their products too.