Bucket List

I like life. I've found a way that helps me celebrate it is to create a growing and achievable bucket list. I use it to record both the small and great adventures I'm collecting along the way, and the ones that I hope to have.
I am still yet to skydive, see an igloo, visit the Louvre, be upgraded to first class and more...

Have a hover over the images to see what and where.

Swim in a waterfall
• Waipio Valley, Big Island, Hawaii •

Buy a flight with airmiles
• Johannesburg, South Africa •

Wake up to watch the sun rise
• Nha Trang, Vietnam •

Celebrate Holi festival
• Kolkata, India •

See a Fjord
• Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia, Canada •

Go to Kenya
• Mombassa, Kenya •

Visit Halong Bay
• Halong Bay, Vietnam •

Go on safari
• Maasai Mara, Kenya •

Stand on the wing of a plane
• Mareeba, Queensland, Australia •

Ride a camel
• Petra, Jordan •

Cliff Jump
• South Point, Big Island, Hawaii •

See Coldplay live
• Manchester, England •

See a Banksy piece
• Bethlehem, Palestine •

Ride a moped
• Cat Ba Island, Vietnam •

Go to a Lord of the Rings film location
• Mount Sunday, South Island, New Zealand •

Spray paint
• Bethlehem, Palestine •

See Niagara Falls
• Niagara, Ontario, Canada •

See wild penguins
• Boulder Beach, Cape Town, South Africa •

Feed a monkey • Jaipur, India •

Feed a monkey
• Jaipur, India •

Bungy jump
• Cairns, Queensland, Australia •

Add to the gum wall
• Seattle, USA •

Go to a drive-in cinema
• Ontario, Canada •

See a sea turtle
• Turtle Bay, Big Island, Hawaii •

Go to the Dead Sea
• Dead Sea, Jordan •

Swim with dolphins
• Kona, Big Island, Hawaii •

Go to New Zealand
• Auckland, New Zealand •

See Mumford and Sons live
• Sydney, Australia •

See Hobbiton
• Matamata, North Island, New Zealand •

Pull a pint
• Chester, England •

See the Wailing Wall
• Jerusalem, Israel •

Climb Table Mountain • Cape Town, South Africa •

Climb Table Mountain
• Cape Town, South Africa •

Visit the first Starbucks
• Seattle, USA •

Visit the Taj Mahal
• Agra, India •

See the Seattle Troll
• Seattle, USA •

Ride an elephant
• Kanchanaburi, Thailand •

Visit Robben Island
• Cape Town, South Africa •

See the Sydney Oprah House
• Sydney, Australia •

• St Ives, Cornwall, England •