I Need Money

Welcome to the most obnoxiously titled blogpost to introduce perhaps my most un-British update yet. Let's blame it on me being half-Dutch? You see, I'm about to ask for money, and that's not what British people do. In fact, we don't really talk about money. So regardless of why you're here, dear reader, please enjoy the fact that this feels squirmy for me to type. And so, here goes:

Click here if you'd like to give to me financially,
whether that's a one-off or as part of a regular monthly commitment


I'm currently working for an organisation called YWAM (Youth With A Mission, have you heard of it?), specifically with the YWAM Vancouver community out in Canada. That's why you keep seeing me post photos of trees and mountains and snow. No moose yet though. Specifically, I'm on a small team helping run an inductive Bible-study school that is nine months long. If you remember when I posted photos of palm trees and dolphins, I was in Hawaii doing this very same Bible school. With my whole heart I can champion the value of this school, and that's why I'm here. 

YWAM is full of unpaid staff - in fact, there are no exceptions to that. So whilst I'm here in Canada for the next few years working for YWAM, I'm volunteering (specifically, on a religious worker permit). This means that I'm spending two years not earning money, in what I've learned is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Quite a humorous combination to be honest; oh life. And no, I'm not sitting on a trust fund or a well-hidden pile of money, instead my wages are paid by an eclectic group of people who see value in me and what I'm doing. They give me regular/monthly donations and actually, it's quite a remarkable way to live: off've other people's generosity. This is organised through a service called Stewardship.


And so, moving back to the me asking for money thing. After six months of living here I feel confident in concluding that I'm not receiving enough regular support and that I am in need of a few more people added to my team of regular givers. Unfortunately, a bi-product of this means that I don't have enough money for flight tickets this summer, although it is important for me to come home and meet my newest nephew (who will be born in May). So whilst the longterm solution is me receiving more money each month (new 'supporters'), I am also in need of one-off gifts to help me pay for flights this summer.

Would you mull over whether this could be you?

I hope this blogpost raises questions or stokes dialogue, so do write to me if you'd like to know more (about money, missionaries, YWAM or something else), or even just for a chat. And if you can, give too. I, in a completely biased way, think that's a great idea.