Ruth Lecture

Last week, out here in Vancouver, I taught my first ever inductive Bible study lecture. Our students are chronologically working their way through the books of the Bible and I taught on the book of Ruth. I've made my teaching available online for whoever wants to listen, partially because I love the Bible (and now Ruth) and partially because I poured more time into this teaching than any other and for that I'm rather proud.


Have a listen to my lecture or download it for some other time. If you do, I'd encourage you to read the book of Ruth beforehand. It's a short book of 4 chapters that will take up about 15 minutes of your day. And if you do listen, I used some jargon during the teaching so check out below for those descriptions. Enjoy!

  • 'BRI' means 'Basic Required Information' and refers to a document our students create before they inductively study each book. It's full of information that is vital to know pre-studying any book, like authorship and dating and historical background
  • 'Original Audience' (or 'OA') refers to the characters in the stories
  • 'Original Readers' (or 'OR') refers to whoever the book was originally written to/for
  • 'Charting' refers to a large portion of our student's homework where they observe and interpret passages of scripture, usually in chapter chunks that we call 'charts'