I Need Money, Part 2

Why am I offering up my pride on a platter by using social media to ask for money...again? It could only be because I have a cause that I genuinely think is worth more than my British embarrassment about my lack of finances. In July I am taking one of our Bible Department students to Nepal to teach together (I work for a Bible teaching school, did you know?). I'd like to begin my money-requesting pitch by voicing all the reasons you might think why not to give to me:

  1. Nepal eh? That sounds like a vacation to me.
  2. I want to go to Nepal. Why should I pay for you to go and not me?
  3. Are you just really bad at budgeting? Why do you need money again?
  4. Everyone asks for money on social media. What makes your cause so special?
  5. I'm not a Christian, what do I care about the Bible being taught in Nepal?

Okay, now we've got that out the way, shall I begin my pitch? Two MAJOR things I'm passionate about over here in Vancouver are the Bible, and women. I spend four days a week within a Bible school, and one day ('Womankind Wednesdays') creating ways for the people around me to better interact with social injustices affecting women. This trip to Nepal (four weeks in July) marries both these passions as our Bible teaching will be hosted by an organisation fighting the exploitation of girls in Nepal: Five14. Check them out, they're great. They invest in Nepali villages to prevent the selling of daughters to human traffickers and I'm hugely enthusiastic about serving them because I heartily agree with the work that they do. Through Five14's network we have a schedule of teachings set up.

Also, I think the Bible is kind of a big deal and it's not okay that access to quality Bible study is severely limited in countries like Nepal. Did you know that 85% of churches around the world are led by pastors with no training? My team has a Church outside Nepal's capital waiting for us to come and teach their staff for nine days straight... Bible basics, timeline overviews, study tools and tips - you name it. We also have the opportunity to teach some of the freed women who Five14 now employ. And beyond that, my student Andrew will transition from being a student to being a teacher and learn how to create seminars and teach different audiences. Man, I genuinely think this trip is such a great idea.

The GoFundMe account for this fundraiser has now been closed.


Want me to answer those rhetorical questions from before?

1. This will be a short-term missions trip where we'll volunteer our time and money to serving Churches in Nepal.
2. Want to come?
3. I'm actually really good at budgeting. However, the donations I receive monthly don't allow me to save for larger, one-off trips like this.
4. It's true, there are a lot of causes out there to give to. I happen to think mine is particularly valiant. Whether you're able to give little or much, your giving will nudge me closer towards this trip.
5. Even if you're not Christian, helping us serve Five14 connects you with the active prevention of child trafficking in Nepal. That's pretty cool.

Bethan Uitterdijk