Here's the Plan

Check out the video below if you want a four minute recap of what I was doing in 2014-2015...

It feels vulnerable to be writing this. I've been meaning to for weeks, finding myself familiarly reluctant as my mind offers a thousand alternatives to sitting down and blogging. I'm going to tell you all about what I'm doing next. As has become tradition for me following my return to England from some far off land, I'm planning on leaving again. In many ways, it looks similar to the other times. It's a short-term plan (compared to the grand scale of life) that comes with the ache of saying goodbye to family and friends here, as well as to this country that I find both infuriating and comfortable. I've been home for seven months (ish) and in a way I've seen this whole time as an opportunity to slowly prepare for leaving again. 

As of August 24th (when I fly) I'll be moving to Vancouver, Canada to rejoin YWAM (Youth With A Mission) who are a Christian missions organisation. I've been serving, studying and volunteering with them for the last few years. I'll be joining a team who are running a Bible study school that is starting in Vancouver in September '16. It's called the School of Biblical Studies and, if you remember, it's the one that I did in Hawaii back in 2011-2012. For this school, I'll be teaching, grading and generally supporting the students as they both read through and study the Bible in its nine month duration. I'm thinking I'll be doing this for two years. I have selfish motives that make me excited about this role, like having the opportunity to re-study the Bible accompanied by some new questions that I have, and I like the idea of practicing teaching. But the real reason, as weird as this'll sound if you're not a Christian, is I think that God wants me to do this. I really do.


And so, if you're around in England and want to meet up before I go, I'd love for nothing more. Or if you'd like to stay familiar with me and my plans whilst I'm away, get in touch here and I'll let you know what that can look like.